Tuesday, March 27, 2007

just saw the latest Battlestar galactica ep [spoiler alert]

first an intro to yours truly. i live in india where all the cool tv shows never show up until theyve been discontinued in their original regions( there are exceptions, though not many) the only way i am able to keep pace with whats going on in the scifi world and other tv genres is by downloading the episodes and watching them. this is something i started about a year back after i got my broadband unlimited connection. in this blog i'll be "reviewing/synopsyfying" some of these shows.
starting with BSG

The season finale of the 3rd season was ..well mindblowing for me. I know there are ppl who think it was crap coz of music and predictable plot etc.
But after watching the somewaht "slow" season all thes weeks.. this episode just knocked my socks off!

first: the final 5 cylon - a few of the crew have been hearing "music" that no one else can hear. as the fleet completes it's latest jump into a nebula, the music gets louder/unbearably distracting. this leads 4 characters to a room/storage bay ina an isolated part of the ship. the moment they all gather the music suddenly stops! they then realise that the only explanation is that they are CYLON.
the four are:

Saul Tigh : former Exo on galactica
Galen Tyrol : Chief Engineer
Samuel T. Anders : Former Pro Athlete, resistance fighter on both Caprica and New Caprica, pilot in training
Tory Foster : Roslin's no-nonsense presidential aide
?????? : whos the fifth one? if you havn't already guessed read on.

man! Saul was the last one i expected to be a cylon.

oh and the rest of the episode was pretty cool too:
Roslin and Boomer are in sickbay getting checkups. they are sitting separately. roslin has a vision involving the cathedral,caprica-6, boomer, gaius Balthar and Hera. she wakes up screaming. as does boomer across the room. they both go to the holding cell and meet 6 and ask her if she had the same vision. she did ( this could mean that :
a)Roslin is cylon
b)The cancer treatment created from the Hera's blood has made her a cylon..cylon-human-hybrid...human tuned to cylon brain waves...care to speculate?

Felix Gaeta lies in court and implicates balthar as a traitor.

Balthar's lawyer puts apollo on the stand and manages to get him to monologue about how balthar is "innocent" and everyone is trying to shift their own guilt onto....blah blah just go watch the show.

Balthar is declared not guilty in a 3:2 vote of not guilty : guilty. Adama being one of those who gives him the not guilty verdict!

Balthar is then spirited away by 3 women( fans and/or members of some cult like followers of Balthar)

the fleet loses power moments after they complete the jump.. minutes later when power resumes.. they get multiple dradis contacts, and discover that there is an entire cylon fleet waiting for them. they can't jump for another 20 minutes, so they scramble vipers. Apollo takes off in a viper too. seconds into the flight he spots a bogey at 10 o'clock... he follows it and it turns out to be a viper!

With Starbuck flying it!
making her the fifth of the final 5 cylon
(who among you didn't figure that would happen?)

it appears that she's playing the music that the other 4 have been hearing. which makes sense coz she says

"been to earth...its wonderful...I'm going to take you all there..."

i guess thats why shes listening to a modern rendition of a hendrix song (genuine 100% music from Earth).

can't wait till the next season.

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