Sunday, September 5, 2010

Connection Problems with Samsung Kies for Galaxy 3

Ok so the galaxy 3 like other samdroids, comes with samsung's Kies software for the desktop. this software lets you sync your contacts and other data to your computer...

when it connects that is.

a lot of samdroid users have been having an issue with this software not connecting to their devices..its a problem that spreads across several models - Galaxy S, Galaxy Wave, etc.. and now my Galaxy 3 as well :(

now why should one even care about this? after all you can still connect as external storage media, or in media player mode..

The thing is, and this is key.. when samsung sends out the froyo update, it might be implemented on your phone via the Kies software.. :doh:

soo with that in mind i decided to do some digging.. for solutions. :right:

first of, go to the samsung site and download the latest version of kies.. the one on your cds will be pretty old. also when running it the first time it might ask you to update.. so let it update.. :coffee:

see if this solves your connectivity issues if not read on..

i came across two solutions, in most cases one of these will work for you too. :whistle:

Solution 1
- found via can be seen here

this solution will help you find out if you have the "msxml6.dll" file on your machine, and if you don't will proceed to show you how to get it. a lot of people have claimed that this works for them. i tried it myself it involves using the command prompt.. just make sure you run the command prompt in "administrator mode"(right click on the cmd icon in your "start menu" under "accesories" and select the "administrator mode" option) :rolleyes:

Solution 2 - Now this othe simpler solution is what ultimately worked for me. the kies software apparently has issues with certain media files even mp3 files apparently, so a quick fix is to just unmount your sd card before connecting..
and voila you should be connected :wizard:

sucks if you wanted to get to something that was on the sd card.. but should'nt be a problem for the froyo update.

of course after your done.. the only apparent way to mount the sd card again is to physically remove it and then re-insert it. :furious:

UPDATE December 2010:
Kies now refuses to connect to my android, so now i've given up.
gone ahead and rooted it(posted how here).
Am now attempting to remove samsung's bloatware from the device.

failing which, I'll switch to some other device.

UPDATE June18 2010:
the official update is now available through Kies.. its quite slow and fails often due to the size of the update, and the number of people connecting at a time for the update. Hence i just did it manually using the tutorial at this link -

UPDATE November 13, 2011:

Originally posted by Ziyaretçi :

They must push those f*cking software developers harder to compile a god damn working version

i've had my acer tab for less than a month and have already updated the os twice without any hassles! my next phone will not be a samsung for this very reason. have decided that Kies is crap, would be a lot simpler if samsung just did OTA updates like htc, acer and almost everyone does.
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