Tuesday, August 24, 2010

IDEA GPRS settings for android in Bangalore

I'm an Idea cellular subscriber, but this procedure should be simillar for other Android users as well.
i got it from this link which also has the settings for users in Pune.

So here's the manual configuration procedure for Bangaloreans(my device is the Samsung Galaxy 3, but this should work for all android devices):
Step1 - On the Home screen>Menu>Settings>Wireless & Networks>Mobile Networks>Access Point Names>menu>New APN>
(just ignore the other ones that might be there.
note: don't edit an existing one, make a new one, its faster(you only need to type in two words and leave the rest as is).

Step2 - Here enter Name as "idea" (or "stupididea" or anything you want to identify the network, no one cares)

Step3 - under APN enter "simplyinternet" (simplyinternet without quotes or spaces, all lower case).
and your done :up: .... seriously...don't belive me :rolleyes: , fine read on. :whistle:

Step4 - Leave other fields like proxy, port, Username, Password, Server,MMSC, MMS Port as default which will be <not set>. MCC will be 404, MNC as 44 and authentication type<not set> and APN type .
that's it go to menu and save

Step5 - press the back button, press the lil dot next to your new Access Point's name so it becomes green.

Step6 - go back to home screen, you'l see the lil "E" icon in the middle of the top bar.. thats the Edge/GPRS icon

Step7 - if you don't see that "E" logo or if you still can't access the net, just reboot.

see its that simple, i told you we were done at Step3 didn't i? but you had to read the whole thing anyway.. :devil:

Such a simple procedure, don't understand why the Idea customer care, or even the "nodal officer" could'nt give it to me over the phone! they insisted i just head all the way across town in person and get it setup at one of their service/help/outlets/whatchamightcallem.

lost gprs for a few days.. had to reflash to get it back..
it automatically got some settings somehow. these might work for those of you having problems

set Name to Idea gprs
and APN to internet
leave everything else as is..

also try enabling or disabling "packet data"

update (28/3/2011)
According to Abhinav- with the LG P500 optimus one the MNC should be kept 56(which is default for it)
thanks for the info abhinav

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