Monday, August 30, 2010

Nasa Solaris for Android

Found a bunch of cool stuff for my android today.

First was an app called Solaris... it basically displays a 3d model of the sun and earth on your device.. the sun model lets you view realtime images of UV solar flares and sunspots. The earthe model displays realtime images of Earth's aurora.

Until Google Earth becomes available for the Galaxy 3, this is the only way to see and manipulate a 3d planet earth on your device.

You can get it by pointing your device's QR code reader at this image

Manually install from the Android Market:
1)Go to 'Market' on your Android-powered device. Select 'Search'.
2)Enter 'Solaris' into the search field.
3)Once you've found the 'Solaris' app, touch to install. Follow the onscreen instructions to proceed with the installation.

The other app i installed was Cubed, a music player with a 3d cube for an interface.. its quite something, even manaes to get the album art for most music files..
here it is as a widget on my 7th homescreen(will explain how to get a 7th homescreen later)

anyway once you click the widget it takes you into the 3d interface.

its a unique music player, do give it a shot if you can.
get it via this QR code

or by searcing for "Cubed" on the market

Now about that 7th homescreen... as you might just be wondering if you've used a galaxy 3 or any of the other android devices that only let you "create" 6 homescreens.. well i accidently discovered how to make a 7th one!..
basically if all 6 screens are full of shortcuts, or widgets, then when you open a large widget.. android automatically creates a seventh homescreen and places it there for you! Tadaa! instant extra homescreen :)

anyway so apart from these few new apps and the homesreen accident, i also found a bunch of nice widgets.. clocks to be exact, here they are(you can find them all in the market, just search for the titles i've marked in bold)

first is the beautiful Tourbillion Clock

Then the 24 clock(based on my favourite TV series 24)

this one comes with an hourly or half hourly chime, just like the signature sound of the show..

next is the NeoGenesis Evangelion Clock(based on a crazy anime series by the same name)

i like this one for its size..takes up almost half the screen!

then theres the Motorola droid clock which comes with 4-5 colors.. here i've used it with the blue option.

and below it is the cool mechanical one called Retro Desk Clock

and finally you have this widget called the Analog Clock Collection that comes with a bnch of nice analog clocks you can choose from, heres one that i liked

other clocks i liked were the Large Hero clock 5 that i had on earlier

and a bunch of others i havn't shown here.
so ya there are other non "clock" widgets out there, but for now i havn't found any really good looking ones.. most are just functional and very spartan in design.. for example the youtube widget and the twitter widget.. there are a few nice battery widgets as well.. but so far the clocks are the most visually appealing ones.

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