Friday, March 19, 2010

Brilliant game for the "eco-warrior" in you!

We've all seen the horrific videos(see em here :cry: ) or atleast heard of baby seals getting clubbed to death in the polar regions..
some of you sickos get a kick out of it, while others like me find it revolting.. and feel like smashing something/someone.. well.. this game lets you bring the pain to those evil baby seal bashers!
All in the pseudo-anonymous security of your browser window!

The principal protagonist/hero of the game Polar Bear Payback .. is as the name suggests, a Polar Bear.
for some reason unlike his real life counterparts this dude loves baby seals(see what actual polar bears do to baby seals) and has decided to kill their tormentors- the accursed abomination that is mankind!

As you can see in the screenshots above, theres plenty of blood and gore to enjoy.. and the gameplay is quite addictive too..! especially after you kill your first level boss! smashing the boxes gives you powerups, health and even weapons to even the odds against the filthy humans. :D
so go ahead and play the game here
(shoutout to @floatingemily for digging up the new link)

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