Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Custom BSG Android Live Wallpapers

Found this site called They have a live wallpaper app that you can use to load up your own custom live wallpapers.. that you can make with basic photoshop skills and the publishing app on their site.

first you need this on your phone: DiY Live Wallpaper

you can also get it at by clicking here

note: your phone needs to support live wallpapers..i had to root my galaxy3 to enable it manually
Ownskin won't appear in the app market for me since my device does not officially support live wallpapers, so i had to download and install the OwnSkin APK available here:

next go to their site to make your own live wallpaper.. you can use your own gifs, or select some free ones they have there.. same goes for making custom compass, clock, battery etc..

here are the ones i've created

Cylon Plain - to see an animated preview)

Cylon Advanced - to see an animated preview)

heres a video of what it looks like in action

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