Friday, September 28, 2007

CFW 3.71 M33

ok been a while since i posted any thing new, so heres something about my psp.
ive flashed CFW 3.71 M33 onto it. i was originally running dax's 3.4 oe and was apprehensive about trying out someone else's custom firmware.

then i found out at that dax was a member of M33 !
well then i just jumped into M33 cfw mode.
after flashing 5.62 (required before you can instal 7.1) I used coder pspfreak101's 3.71 M33 Easy Installer to flash 3.71 M33 .this was the easyest fw installation ever.

Now the issues:

currently non of the homebrew is working :( especially pspcomic :( my favourit psp homebrew app...

help! anyone know how to enable homebrew on 3.71m33?

all the iso games work... but then i think thats a default feature in the original firmware nowadays...

i really need to figure out how to get homebrew to work.
i miss No Gravity, Paparazzi and pspcomic.

the theme loading feature is great, althogh i havnt had any luck loading up any of the older custom themes i had on 3.4 oe, can't wait for a theme generator/creator to become available.
anyway for now am using the ultra cool WipeoutPure theme. you can get it here


chaitanyak said...

the theme editor/creator is now available here:

anonymous said...

Anonymous writes:

first of all get update 2 then you need to get the 1.50 kernel addon here for tutorials on what you need -_- !!!!!!!!!!!!

chaitanyak said...

thanks for the advice, but i resolved these issues long back. now i'm on one of the 3.9 cfw versions