Friday, September 7, 2007

Previews...!! WARNING !! !! SPOILERS AHEAD !!

hmm was casually looking for episodes of my shows on a torrentsite a few weeks back. to my surprise i happened upon pre-air copies of dexter(season2 ep1-2), bionic woman(season1 ep1), flash gordon(season1 ep1).

heres what i thought after seeing them.


Dexter was awesome. Well worth the wait. these guys have done a great job. at the beginning of the episode i thought they were going too far with the changes in dexter: his aversion to killing, his sister moving in... and a few more. however towards the end of the first episode they resolve it all pretty neatly. And then when you think yr going to get a cliff hanger ...they give you episode 2 as well!!

quick summary:
basically dexter is having issues with having killed his own brother. this actually makes him averse to taking life. he botches what could have been his easiest nocturnal escapade: a blind voodoo priest who has been poisoning people... dexter lets him off with a warning.

his next potential victim is a guy whose double his size(literraly) in weight and height. somehow dex manages to sedate him( with multiple shots) and ties him down to a table. however when dexter hesitates to kill him, the guy tears himself free and escapes!

now dexters got a big problem. theres a guy out there who knows his face!
To add to this, a couple of scuba divers accidently discover his oceanic dumping ground!
The ensueing police investigation reveals hundreds of dead bodies. The "Case" gets a hi profile status and the FBI are called in to track down what they believe could be america's most prolific serial killer.

Dex's sister joins the taskforce in an effort to redeem herself from dreadful past involving the ice-truck killer.

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chaitanyak said...

i didnt bother writing about flash gordon or bionic woman coz... well theres not much to write about them yet.