Tuesday, July 24, 2007

windows vista

ok so i've been trying out ubuntu, and my last few posts were about it; its about time i mentioned vista.
been using it for a few weeks now. incidently its my first ever legal copy of vista. I'd used RC1 for a while, when it was released, but when it expired and i couldn't get a crack i fuigured its time to go legal. I know you'l say, this is the guy whose using ubuntu on his pc... and OE firmware on his psp... and all that. why on earth would he go for vista?

well guess what i like games.

gaming on ubuntu, in all fairness is not quite there yet. at least not for a "nooby" like me. i've heard of wine, and cedega and all that stuff. when it works(when i figure out how it works) you will read about it here. in the meantime, i'l just have to do all that on vista. also i use flash and 3ds max, and until i can get them to work on linux or
can figure out how to use the following tools i'l be stuck on windows.

Synfig Studio(only read about it the other day)




am trying it right now, appears to have a pretty steep learning curve. :(

granted winXP sp2 was much more stable than vista, but ive noticed a reduction in bugs and crashes already after just a few weeks of updates :p. thats right the first few weeks, i cursed microsoft all the time. once i figured out what drivers to update and all that stuff, its a lot more stable now. i remember, XP being this buggy when it was first released. it was only after Service Pack 2 that it was really stable.
my systems config is:
amd athlon 64x2 (2.6ghz)
nvidia ge force 7300 with 512 mb of onboard ram
2gb ddr2 ram
250gb hard disk
180 gb sata hard disk
samsung dvd rw
dell 21" lcd monitor(native rez 1680x1050)

dual booting Ubuntu 7.04 fiesty fawn and windows Vista Home Premium

games i'm currently running:
F.E.A.R -playing it again this time with all kinds of bells n whistles enabled
Elder Scrolls: Oblivion - the last first person RPG i played was the thief series

am waiting for Half-Life2 Episode2 and of course Crysis

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