Friday, July 20, 2007

NTFS Partitions Read/write in Ubuntu Feisty

ok, found out about NTFS Config while browsing at work, during my lunch break...
was on this site:
apparently all i have to do is type

sudo apt-get install ntfs-config

in a terminal, and it should install NTFS config.

which should mean that all my torrent transfers can now be continued from my ubuntu OS.

the only other thing i now have to figure out is why my dns settings keep dissapearing, everytime i restart.
typical situation in point:
i leave for work, my machine is left on, so some downloads can happen while i'm gone(i have an unlimited download plan) but while i'm gone a power failure happens(happens quite often in bangalore) the ups keeps the machine running as long as it can, but eventually it falters... just when the power returns, however the sudden drop in power, restarts my system. no when it boots up it can't connect to the net cos the dns settings are not there. so my sytem is on all day, and nothing productive has happened. :(

is there a setting to save the dns settings? and make them defaults?

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