Thursday, July 19, 2007

my new psp skin

its been almost 4 months since i got me my psp. time to change the skin. heres the ol radioactive skin i had these last few months.
this was an experimental skin, i wanted to see if it could be executed neat ly with just standart office materials:
1)printed on normal paper with a inkjet colour printer
2)stuck double sided tape at the back
3)stuck clear sticking tape on the front(weather proofing)
(ok so most offices wont have fat rolls of clear tape, well mine does)
4) cut with a regular cutter blade
stuck directly onto the psp.
5) can be peeled of quite neatly, surprisingly without much mess!

this is what i put on yesterday

current skin, based on an image i created for a "house-music event". for a more detailed look at the original art, look here:
as you can see i chopped some of the front panel skin, coz it just "felt" wrong...while playing

download this skin here
more psp skins here

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