Thursday, October 18, 2007


the last week was quite eventful, heres a summary:

have upgraded my psp firmware to 3.71 m33 . was putting this off for too long, coz not much was known about team M33. But now that its been confirmed that Dark Alex is on the team, i didn't see any reason to wait any longer.

Some of the homebrew don't work on it like my favourite cbr reader PSPcomic. but i guess its only a matter of time before arsenic releases a new version.
Am currently playing Star Wars Battlefront Renegade Squadron. Currently in the Campaign mode. havnt tried the multiplayer mode yet. the cut scenes are awesome IMO . the 2d style is very creative, kind of like in thief 2-3. the movement controls are ok, but lack of camera controls can make it quite a frustrating game. The space battles are great, for a star wars game. Although the graphics are kinda crappy when you cmpare it to the visually stunning homebrew game "no-gravity"

Ive also upgraded my Ubuntu to 7.10(release candidate) Gutsy Gibbon. Didnt want to get stuck with a network overload page when its officially released. I no longer have any major problems with desktop effects, now that compiz fusion is integrated into the distro.
the upgrade took around 6hrs online. The disc i downloaded and tryed to use had some errors on it.
I read somewhere that the ntfs drives will be write enabled...have to check up on that and other features.

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chaitanyak said...

cool, just thought i'd confirm that ubuntu can now read and write to ntfs drives - out of the box. this makes me veeeerrry happy. he he now i can really use ubuntu more often than windows.