Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Caprica Pilot is Awesome

Just when i was beginning to miss BSG, along comes the Caprica pilot!!!

I admit at first i was a bit apprehensive. early scoops on the upcoming series suggested that it was like some kind of soap with Scifi elements tossed in... well now we know its definitely not!

I don't feel like giving away any spoilers so heres a brief teaser
the experimental cylon starts of looking like this

note the yellow scanning eye. its also quite slow, and incompetant in combat, as seen in a cool action sequence where it has to shoot paintballs at a cutsy little armless bywheel securitybot that scoots around the testing arena with ease... reminiscent of something from the Jetsons.

as the story progresses,...can't say without spoilers

the cylon gets AI and the eye turns red

followed by some faster reflexes and culminates into an awesome final combat sequence involving live rounds and a lot of the lil scootybots getting blown away

Tada! the first CYLON (Cybernetic Lifeform Node) is born

Oh and you get to see Bill Adama eventually.
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