Monday, June 29, 2009

Nokia moves the spacebar! BLASPHEMY!

why would Nokia do that? i get that this is their first device in this class.. but still
HTC got it right the first time with the Touch Pro's sexy black and green keypad :love:

and then again with the Touch Pro2's shiny one as well.. :love:

In fact the old Nokia Qwerty devices had perfect layouts.. see this page
i guess its just one of those things..that you have to get horribly wrong once in a while.
anyway.. i left the nokia clan over a year ago, and am not looking back anytime soon. :p :cheers:
just wish i had the dough for this beauty

not that HTC makes them perfect either.. but it really is hard to find fault with most of their designs.. other than RAM and processor specs.

heres a video comparison of the N97 and the Touch Pro2

I still love the Touch Pro2 inspite of that wobbly thing they show in the video

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