Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Beast - Patrick Swayze's last and best

Just started watching this series a few weeks back(missed the indian TV premier coz of my wedding, so catching up other means :) )..its an action drama that portrays the darker, grittier side to FBI undercover work.

It's not your typical crime drama, coz the main character's past has way too many question marks. Patrick Swayze is the veteran FBI agent Charles Barker. He is an expert at going deep undercover, gaining the confidence of criminals and setting them up, so they end up in jail with solid evidence against them. Or thats what it seems like he's supposed to be doing...turns out that a lot of these criminals just end up dead.
Its because of these inconsistencies in his past that the FBI is running a top secret internal investigation on him.

In the first episode Barker is teamed up with a younger agent as a partner - Ellis Dove played by Travis Fimmel. The Agents that are investigating Barker, have approached him and want him to spy on Barker for them. He's now torn between loyalty to his partner and commitment to the FBI.

heres a promo of this excellent show

The show got cancelled a few months back after Swayze's cancer started to take a toll. And now with his death, its just as well :( . This is one show that can't go on.

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