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Saturday, September 5, 2009

"Airsoft" - Paintball taken to the next level!

" Airsoft is a game in which participants eliminate opponents by hitting each other with 6mm or 8mm plastic BB bullets fired from a compressed-air gun (or airsoft gun) powered by propane, compressed air, manual spring-action, or an electrically powered gearbox.

Airsoft participants organize meetings at dedicated airsoft battlefields often adapted to provide walls, bunkers, trenches, buildings, towers, and other similar man-made field enhancements to simulate real combat environments.
" - wikipedia

A number of Airsoft guns are available through a site that has an extensive catalog of these guns. These guys contacted me about an ongoing contest they are having where the winner can win an AK47 replica Airsoft rifle!!

Model: AK47 AEG Airsoft Rifle AK
ICS AK47 74R RAS Airsoft AEG Rifle
- 360 FPS (0.2 g BB)
- Motor: Turbo 3000
- Fully Upgraded: Super Torque Motor, Reinforced Pinion and Bevel Gear, Silicon Alloy Steel Bushings, Low Resistance 16 AWG Wires
- 2 Hi-Cap 400-Round Magazines Included
- Full Metal Receiver & Plastic RAS (Rail Adapter System)
- Battery And Charger Sold Separately
- Gearbox type: ICS Type 3
- Magazine capacity: High Capacity 600 rounds
- Lenghth: 875mm
- Muzzle velocity: 360FPS
- Accuracy: 120 feet
- Battery pack size: Large battery
- Package includes: Manual, 600 Round High Cap Magazines, Cleaning Rod, and Rifle

to enter the contest click here:
Win a brand new AK-47 from Airsplat

for more about the gun, see the following videos-

Airsoft AEG ICS AK Gearbox Assembly Guide

Airsoft AEG ICS AK Disassembly Guide

For a better look at their catalogue, check out this special "Gamer-guide" that they've put together for us FPS gamers - Gamer Guide

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