Monday, December 7, 2009

Connected my Winmo Phone To Linux

On connecting my winmo device to the machine it first just recognised the device as a network connection :) .. that happened out of the box! great as that is, it wasn't what i was looking for. what i needed was a way to
1)Sync my device
2)Access the file system on the SD card

So i popped open Synaptic Package Manager and typed in "Windows Mobile" .. it gave me a bunch of results including SynCE .. the description said it was meant for syncing winmo devices, so i installed it. It does show up in ther tray,

and notifies me that a device is connected. It gives some basic sync options, and shows battery status and other useful(sort of) system data. but when i tried browsing the file system it gave an error :( .

so back to google i went.

a few seconds of searching later i learnt that currently the only way to read/browse the SD card in the phone, is to
-install(on your device) an app called WM5torage v1.89 beta 2 (37 KB)
-run it and click the "activate option
-this makes the device "mount" the SD card as a browsable external desvice.

so for now this will do for me :)
until of course SynCe can do it all

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