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Monday, December 6, 2010

Solar Lantern

Picked up this Solar Lantern(LED) over the weekend. found it at a place called Home Stop.

The lantern is manufactured by Lumix Solar -
a bangalore based company.

Main reason i baught it was so i can modify the solar panel cable so it charges my phone :)

unfortunately they didn't sell just the solar panels.. :whistle: else i'd have baught a bunch of them.


selurus said...

nice :idea:

anonymous said...

CS writes:Thanks Chaitanya

anonymous said...

CS writes:HiLook Great!!! Is the price Rs 1750.00 shown for customers to buy? Can we buy from manufacturer directly or can we buy somewhere in Bangalore?Tks

chaitanyak said...

Originally posted by anonymous:Can we buy from manufacturer directlyno idea.Originally posted by anonymous:Is the price Rs 1750.00 shown for customers to buy? yes, as mentioned i got it at a place called Home StopOriginally posted by anonymous:can we buy somewhere in Bangalore?google homestop

chaitanyak said...

no problem, cheers

anonymous said...

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