Thursday, March 10, 2011

Brainwave magazine

Got my copies of #Brainwave magazine last night.. DIYs (My Do It Yourself) got published in issues# 1, 2 and 4 :D
Brainwave is a science magazine started by ACK media(Amar Chitra Katha) targetted at kids and young adults.

Each issue has a theme.. and my DIY are usually based on them. The first issue was to do with light.. so i did a pin hole camera

the second one had nothing to do with the theme(flight)
it was about creating a secret place where you can store cash/valuables

I missed the third issue.. but managed to do something for the fourth one, which had Energy as the theme.

i did a DIY of this road roller toy i used to make with other kids at school..

the next issue is on archeology.. and my DIY is more .. artistic in nature.. should be out soon :)

meanwhile go pick up your copy of the current issues now. its available at most book and magazine stores in India.. and can be ordered online as well.
more info here-
currently a one year subscription costs only Rs695.00 ($14.93).. i suppose shipping charges outside of india may vary.

we also got a spread for Earthwave our eco brand at Flip Design where i work.. did some puzzles, more on them here .. don't miss the Augmented Reality stuff!

thanks @Brainwavemag & @eyefry

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