Friday, July 22, 2011

The best pirate movie yet

theres a new pirate movie in town..looks like loads of fun

and it doesn't even have jack sparrow or Johnny depp!
But it is based on a book by Gideon Defoe
called The Pirates! in an Adventure with Scientists

The story is set in 1837, and follows the adventures of a Pirate Captain and his crew of non-orthodox pirates. They meet a young Charles Darwin and Mister Bobo, a highly trained and sophisticated "man-panzee", who have been exiled from London by a rival scientist. Having sunk The Beagle, which he believed was a Bank of England treasure ship thanks to a tip-off from Black Bellamy, the Pirate Captain agrees to take Darwin home and help him defeat his enemies. - wikipedia

the trailer is loads of fun.. the movie should be full of laughs too.

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