Thursday, September 22, 2011

2d-3d with youtube

Youtube rolled out a few new features today..
the ones i really love are 3d conversion and Stabilise
heres a quick breakdown of how to use them
1) 2D to 3D conversion of any of your uploaded videos:
Login to you tube and then go to the video page of the 2D video you'd like to convert to 3d
click on the "Edit Info" button

then click on the "3D" button

this will give you the two conversion options, pick the one you want to use

and save your settings. youtube took roughly 7-8min to convert 3 of my 30-50sec videos.
Once done, the 2D version will play by default, to view in 3D hit the little 3D button near the video quality selector.

heres a few that i converted today(go to the videos' youtube pages for the 3d video):

2) Stabilize - which stabilises shakey video.. really well:
Go to your video page and click the "Edit Video" button

theres tons of new additions here, the Stabilize option is easy to find, go click it

you'll then be able to playback the original video and the stabilized version side by side to compare.
when satisfied, click the "save as" button to save it.
note: stabilisation requires the video to be cropped a little.. its part of how the process works

there are quite a few new effects and other features in the edit video place, have a look and let me know what your favorites are in the comments

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