Thursday, October 27, 2011

ShadowGun on Acer Iconia tab A500

Just played a few minutes of ShadowGun.. a really beautiful 3rd person shooter for android tegra devices. ..

heres a video i managed to record:
(the opening cinematic runs for almost half the video so skip it if you just want to see the game itself)

my first impressions:
1) its Gears of War for android tabs(and ios devices) even has the cover system
2) the best graphics so far
3) smooth and intuitive controls.. virtually fumble free

looks like its well worth what i paid for

Check out SHADOWGUN on the Android Market!

The Acer Iconia tab A500 handles it really well.. infact it looks like it will be a while before you see any games that this device can't handle.. atleast untill the next round of tegra3 devices start coming. FYI Madfinger Games has said that they are infact going to release an updated version of this game for the tegra 3 devices as well.

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