Monday, December 12, 2011

The Social Radio

Found this today..
its an app that reads out your tweets for you. Had been looking for it a while back, but never found an app that did it till now.

the added feature is that it can play your music in the background.

good idea, been waiting for this app for a while.. but it wasn't logging in to twitter on my acer a500 tab :( reinstalled again but no use.

works on my gt i5801 though..

get it here (market)

SIZE: 2.8M
average rating: ?????
my rating: ????? (-1 because it won't run on my tab)

Been it touch(several mails and tips exchanged) with Roberto Gluck at he's been trying to solve my tablet issue. really appreciate the effort on their part.

update: they sent me a .apk to try out on my tab.. it worked! my revised rating: : ?????

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