Saturday, March 31, 2012

Relatively Newer Tshirt designs

One of Earthwave's goals is to spread awareness about well known as well as lesser known endangered (and in some cases extinct) species of wildlife in india. these tshirts have been given away at schools during workshops, awareness campaigns etc.. they also go on sale whenever Earthwave make an appearence in public on occasion.

These have been screen printed in gorgeous 3 colour combos. The printing process involves water based inks..which are significantly less toxic than regular ink.. also the tshirts themselves are being made from organic cotton.

here are some new designs(well almost a year old actually), that have not yet been printed.

Ganges Shark

The shark, though poorly documented, is known to inhabit only freshwater, inshore marine and estuarine systems. Its feeding habits are unknown. Its maximum size is in the area of 2 metres (6.6 ft). It is probably viviparous, measuring 55 to 60 centimetres (22 to 24 in) at birth.
The Ganges shark is believed to be seriously endangered. According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources, the Ganges shark is one of 20 sharks on the “Red List” of endangered shark species. Widespread and rampant overfishing has depleted the population of these sharks. Their oil, along with that of the Gangetic Dolphin is highly sought after.

Sumatran Rhinoceros

The Sumatran Rhinoceros (Dicerorhinus sumatrensis) is the smallest rhinoceros, standing about 120–145 centimetres (3.9–4.8 ft) high at the shoulder, with a body length of 250 centimetres (98 in) and weight of 500–800 kilograms (1100–1760 lb). Like the African species, it has two horns; the larger is the nasal horn, typically 15–25 centimetres (6–10 in), while the other horn is typically a stub. A coat of reddish-brown hair covers most of the Sumatran Rhino’s body.

Sumatran Rhinoceroses were once quite numerous throughout Southeast Asia. It is now estimated that fewer than 275 individuals remain. It is classed as critically endangered primarily due to illegal poaching and destruction of its rainforest habitat.

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