Thursday, January 10, 2013

Youtube Monetisation

I started posting videos to youtube a few years back.. but only enabled the "monetisation"(heres the FAQ on this) option around a year back.. to see if it generates any cash. Last week i got my first cheque from Google!

That got my hopes up.. and so when one of my favorite sites( added a new feature(read here).. i did a video walkthrough on how to use it.

heres the video:

..and then this happens today.

Google's tricks to avoid paying video publishers

so.. basically as long as they're not paying you.. they don't care what you upload.. but the moment you start getting hits.. and they have to part with money.. they find a vague loophole.

which in this case is beyond me as i clearly mention that its my model.. and the features are on Sketchfab's site. Infact sketchfab(bless their souls) even use this video on their own blog post about these features!

Anyway am not that bothered about it(as long as the video is viewable thats fine with me),

so this blog post is the last i will say about it. Just wanted other youtubers to know about it.

via Inaccessible is Accessible

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