Monday, August 5, 2013

Adobe Hates Android Artists

Adobe has withdrawn the Ideas app from the Android Play Store.

According to the official blog post(December 20, 2012), they will only be developing the IOS versions for now.

Sad news for us Android users yes. however don't lose hope.. You can still google and download the apk file(from alternate sources) and manually install it(should work on anything with Android 4.0 or newer).

For an alternative that is actually a lot better, check out my comparison of Ideas with Infinite Design here.

unlike Ideas, this one has a lot more features and a fairly decent tablet ui as well..a bit cluttered compared to Ideas, but more intuitive.

Key Features:

-Infinite canvas (pan, zoom, or rotate)

-Infinite layers and unique layer options: Split, Merge, Flip, Duplicate, and the ability to apply a perspective transformation to a layer.

-Carefully designed brushes to ensure optimal workflow on the go.

-Five types of symmetry: X-Axis, Y-Axis, Arbitrary Angle, Radial, and Kaleidoscopic.

-Infinite undo/redo system.

-Import images.

-Special Effects include four types of blurring, inner or outer shadowing, and embossing.

-A fluid interface designed for fluidity and fully optimized for touchscreen devices.

-Save as JPEG or PNG (with background or without background).

-Export to SVG for editing in your favorite graphics editor. Tested and works in Adobe Illustrator and Inkscape.

Note: now that Ideas is no longer available on Android, Infinite Design is now the best vector drawing tool on the platform. other alternatives worth a try are Scribmaster and Vector Artist

.. if your only looking to output hi rez art and not particularly looking for a vector solution,

Autodesk® SketchBook® Ink is pretty good. Its like Sketchbook pro, except that it uses a resolution independent engine. This allows you to export your raster artwork to 8000x12800pixels (102.4Mpx).

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