Monday, November 25, 2013

The Smithsonian in 3D

The Smithsonian's website now has a 3d tool for viewing and interacting with some of their historic artefacts & scientific specimens.. right there in your browser! 

check it out here
the online experience is pretty neat on their site..
you can embed these on your blog(like below) but the controls are limited.

 first time users and 3D first timers will need to get oriented with the controls. Users familliar with 3d software or sites like Sketchfab, P3d and Verold can jump right in.

Some of the models are even available for download. 

Granted the scans are extremely hirez(CT Scans) each is around 200mb .. there are one or two print ready files that are 6mb..(thats right, you can 3d print these files!) 

the results however are a bit mixed.

for example i downloaded a Panama dolphin cranium and it was just 13mb(unzipped to 30mb).. 

heres what it looks like in Blender:

seems to be a mistake of somekind.. the lower jaw intersects with the upper skull.. 
hmm .. will try another model soon..

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