Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Pusteblume - Diaspora App

I’d been using diaspora for a while now.. but only found web apps for it on Android.. was frustrating.. since its a nice secure network to be on.. its a “Community-run, Distributed Social-network”
Its run on private servers and has vertually no spam, ads or any kind of data mining like the more popular networks.. (it also has very few people you’ll know in RL)
so anyway today i finally found a native app for Diaspora .. it worked with the pod i’m on -
not sure if it works with the old Joindiaspora pod(which is now closed to new users anyway).
diasp app
Size: 6.1MB
Compatible with Android 2.3.3 and up Smile
It quickly loads images(tested on wifi..gprs performance is on par with the twitter and other apps) .. posting is fairly straight forward too!
find it on Google Play - Pusteblume (Dandelion) - Diaspora App –

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