Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The 3D Printing Bandwagon

This is in response to an article on
The Hottest Internet Jobs Right Now - read it here

heres an excerpt: 
"... major driver in Internet-related jobs posted on in the first quarter of 2014 was 3-D printing. The number of 3-D rendering jobs listed on the platform was 2,784, a 44 percent surge from the previous quarter. 3-D animation jobs and 3-D modeling jobs jumped 36 percent and 35 percent, respectively, during the same time."

aaand heres my take on that: 
3d jobs have been around for decades.. 3d printing is likely to boost it a little.. but not to the extent that you'd imagine. I've been a 3d designer for a while, and was one of the first of my peers to print a model via Shapeways(heres my shop).. since then only 3 other 3d artists of the 30 i personally know have actually 3d printed anything?! let alone worked on a project that required it... speaking of the projects.. they are the kind i do over the weekend and they pay for my petrol or dogs'  food etc..  None of them from .. i personally find that those sites, are a waste of time.. and a bit scammy.

I've got all my projects form word of mouth, or via my youtube and behance pages.

there's no boom here. at least not yet.
Its good clean fun though, and pushes the boundaries of one's creativity.

Also there is generally a lot of propaganda to pull people into the 3d fields.. usually so they can be used as underpaid overworked labour in vfx and gaming industries.. just look at what happened to all the talented 3d artists at Rhythm and Hues.. 200+ laid off in a day! and these are people who worked on the 3d animals in the oscar winning movie Life of Pi.

It is a very good field to be in as a creative, with talent. The projects that do exist are fun to work on and look really good in a portfolio.
But as an entrepreneur looking to hit a lottery .. i'd advise you to either have a solid original idea to start with.. or you'll end up bankrupt. 

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