Monday, May 5, 2014

Print on Wood

Saw this last week.. and had to try it myself.

My first attempt was smudgy.. but i think i just need to practice it a few times.
This was a gift for a friend who just had a baby 4 months back
It was a 4 sided hourglass.. i thought it would look good with prints of his baby on each side.
The mistake i made is that this was a varnished object.. if i had sanded it a bit, it might have smudged less.

Here are the basic steps:
1) Prepare your artwork for print. This is simple, since whatever you print will get mirrored, you need to flip your artwork before printing. Especially if your artwork has typeography.

2)Print on the waxy paper that is at the back of a label/sticker sheet. The Ink won't dry.. so relax you can take as long as you like.

3)In the video he uses a bit of sticking tape to make sure the paper doesn't shift during the transfer.. this works quite well with large artworks.. but if your doing something small.. like i did, it doesn't .. you just have to steady your hands.

4)Press the paper onto the wood. doing it the other way, ie: pressing the wood onto the paper might cause smudges.. or empty patches.. where the paper didnt make contact..

5) dries in a minute.. and then you can "fix"it with spray on clear coat.. i got this can at an art supplies store.

Have fun :)

Oh and subscribe to Steve Ramsey on youtube, for more fun wood work projects.

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