Thursday, June 12, 2014

©SeaOrbiter® by Jacques Rougerie

The Verge calls it "the Starship Enterprise of sea exploration" and one has to agree! Just look at it!

I just hope that the architect  Jacques Rougerie gets the $48million he needs to build it.
heres an interactive model of the vessel.

    ©SeaOrbiter® by Jacques Rougerie
    by SeaOrbiter
    on Sketchfab

Running on a combination of solar and wind power, its been designed to be sustainable.. and have a low impact on the ecosystems it explores.. generally any powered craft would have some impact.. 

..but this should be the most justified. Since its a research and observation vessel. It is crewed by 18 people and docks at least 1 submersible.

heres a detailed diagram from the official website

and heres an official video introduction 

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