Sunday, January 25, 2015

VRSE brings stunning VR to the cardboard masses

Found this great VR app today.. VRSE 
They're actually a production company that seems to be doing beautiful vr stuff. Heres an interview with them at engadget.

Note the Sundance logo below. That honor is well deserved! 

So the app is a collection of films.. 3 are available already with more to come soon(as teased by their thumbnails).
Have only watched the first film so far.. loved it! Gone are the polygons and low end 3d graphics of previous vr apps.. this is one polished video.
It proves that VR is definitely an evolving medium.. although i hope it lasts longer than most other fads(or as vr of the past) did .. so that more content producers have time to experiment and generate excellent content like this.

Downloads take forever though.. a 2gb game downloads in an hr on my broadband connection.. but the first VRSE film (600mb) took half a day! 

worth the wait nonetheless. 

Evolution of Verse, is a 3.5-minute short film featuring a computer-generated landscape with a simple but thought provoking idea. I don't want to give away any spoilers but.. theres a spectacular salute to this old classic

followed by some stunning shots of ... :)

I had to download it.. so you can too.
Its free on the Play store

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