Thursday, February 19, 2015

AeroIndia 2015

Went and saw the afternoon half of the Air show yesterday.

here are some highlights:

Oggled some Dassault Rafale beauties

Got to see them all upclose on the tarmac..

Heres a detailed model of the Rafale for your viewing pleasure

    Rafale C
    by Norick_DJ
    on Sketchfab

Was too far to see some of the stuff that happened in front of the main crowd.. still was pretty good and i got to laze about in peace. 

Heres a photosphere of the space i was hanging out in

Got to see this team in action.. Wasp and Viking from Scandinavian Airshow were actually more fun than all the military jets

I was too far away to capture any footage of their sky cats though.. heres a video from their site. To know more about this fantastic team visit

got a few interest shots.. of landings

And then the obligatory selfie.. I usually don't do selfies.. but when there are huge loud jet engines screaming by.. I couldn't help myself.

Heres all the footage i shot

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