Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Stationary Car Rear Ended

Some idiot rear-ended my car last night at around 8:30pm.
While it was parked outside my house.
The fool just drove off.. even though a bunch of people saw it happen!

Better pic taken in sunlight

One of the witnesses, an auto rickshaw driver noted down the vehicle's number ..and came with me to the station and told the cops what happened.

Easiest police report I've filed.

Heres the description of the vehicle that did the damage and fled the scene.

KA04 MM 7296 
Silver Toyota Innova 


The Culprit
The police today were busy with some special assignments, and so will not be physically out tracking down the guy. They'll just issue the FIR so I can claim insurance and get on with my life. The policeman said he'd let me know if they do get the guy.

I can live with that.. It's not like this guy is some high priority criminal..

Well unless he was driving recklessly because he was fleeing some crime scene.. Or something more serious.

FIR(First Information Report)
Police FIR.. Was a simple thing. The policeman dictated the letter aund I wrote it down and signed it. They put a stamp on it and handed me a copy.

Damage estimate:
Drove to the mechanic's workshop, he estimated the cost of repairs will be INR 5000.

Insurance Claim:
This was a simple process involving the following steps..
1) Called the 1800 number to HDFC Ergo and initiated a claim.

2) Claim investigator/adjustor called and said he'd go straight to the garage and see the car there. I just have to leave the car and documents there.

3) so I got the documents together and left them with the car at the garage.

The Insurance Amount
A few hrs later I get a call from the investigator, and go to the garage to meet him. He explains to me that...

A) The insurance policy I renewed a few months back in December.. The one I payed INR 4000 for(discounted from INR 7000 due to no incidents last year)..

B) Will only give me INR 2000 for the repairs.(which are worth INR 5000)... ie: I payed more for the insurance.. Than they will pay me for the stuff I need insurance for.

Apparently these insurance policies are only really useful in the first 3 years of your car's life. After that they take pretty much everything at depreciated value. The only things you can get 100% coverage for are damage to glass and theft. For the rest..you know the more common types of accidental damage.. You pay out of your own pocket.

So year end when they start calling me to renew this policy, I'm going to tell these conmen to get lost.

Will go get the cheapest policy I can legally buy.

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