Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Goldfish Keeper

After years of keeping cichlids.. have now switched to goldfish.
Basically we shifted house, and during the shift my two cichlid died. They had sufficient air during transport.. think it was a drop in temperature.

Anyway these were the last 2 cichlids I had in a tank that once had a community of over 15.

The thing with cichlids is that as they grow at different rates.. eventually the ones that have outgrown their tank mates.. will kill the rest. Also because of their size I couldn't afford to buy any cichlids of that size.. buying smaller ones would be a death sentence to the newcomers.. so for the last few years I just let things be.

Now that we'd shifted and all I had left was an indestructible pleco.. I decided it was time for a change. Decided to ditch the filthy sand.. and the pots are now decorating my moms garden.

These are my new inmates in a cleaned up and spacious tank.. with new lighting.
The old box lid was damaged..and so I decided to abandon it for this sleek solution.

These Angels where a gift from a friend who had to give up his tanks.
Oranda(Red Caps, white one above and the black one top right) ,Ryukin (bottom left colorful)) and the Shubunkin(single tailed .. carp like )
While I appreciate the vivid colors of the Chichlid family.. these are no joke either.. am loving the gorgeous colours, especially this Ryukin!

Have to figure out what to do for the rest of the tank.. the floor and some artefacts.. hmm.

Here are some video closeups of my favorites:

Finished the floor with black sand and added some props

Have some wood branches curing in a tub, will add them in a few weeks. Theyre too big to boil on a stove.. so have to do it the old fashioned way.

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