Monday, December 19, 2016

Good Morning ICICI CIB login doesnt work

So after much deliberation we got a current account for our studio at ICICI Bank.
The Login process on the old corporate site was a nightmare in itself.. requiring one to remember ..
1) an alphanumeric corporate id (16 digits)
2) a username
3) a login password
and post login you need
4) a transaction password

After a year we basically got the hang of it. I started using the android app from the beginning, since it atleast remembers the first 2 things in that list, and i just need to remember the two passwords now.

Welcome to Saturday, December 18, 2016.

I attempt to login to the app, it says my password has been reset.
I attempt to use the website to reset the password and it says "password has been reset, now print out this paper, sign it and mail it to us"

After jumping through the hoops I realize its the damn weekend. So as usual nothings going to happen today.

So great.


Monday 19th December, 
they tell me to wait till the end of the working day for my new password to be active.

At 6pm I get a mail telling me that the account has been migrated to a new system.. ICICI CIB.
So i need to go to this new page and reset my password from there.

This time my username is mashed with my corporate id to create a
24 digit alphanumeric monstrosity.

Fine. Am in notepad land as it is.

So as I use this new "username" and  mobile number OTP to rest the password... I'm starting to see the end of the tunnel.

I get an sms confirmation that the password is reset, go ahead and login.

Login fails.
Both on the new CIB site as well as the old one.

Tuesday 20th December, So great. I have a business to run in a few hrs.. people to pay before they go off on vacations..
and no online banking.. in the days of demonetization.

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