Friday, January 27, 2017

Some days I hate my car

A four wheeler has many uses and advantages, but some days I just wish I'd taken the bike.
When I first got a 4 wheeler.. the biggest advantage, was that I could now take my dog to work with me. So after getting permission at work, I did.. for almost 10 years(multiple work spaces).

I loved having the car then,

- It meant that my dogs didn't have to be alone at home.

- I could take a nice refreshing dog walk during work, while others did their smoke/coffee breaks and most of all

- I could rescue injured animals and take them to CUPA
An example of one of those success stories - Rumi

I loved this automobile for enabling that. 

My dog is an invalid now, so she stays at home with my mom. Driving the car on the highway is now
something I don't look forward to.

Its been a while since I started feeling that way about it. Not the car's fault.. its just the responsibility I feel when I drive it. 

Every time is see an injured animal on the roadside.. I have to stop. While others go about their day ignoring the wretch.. I have to stop.. since I have a spacious back seat.

Like this little scamp from Aug 2016 ..
Aug 8 2016, Dodda Gubbi.

He was run over by a tractor and survived with a hip fracture.
Healed after a few weeks at CUPA and was placed with a family.

But there are many more that I don't tweet or Instagram..
..they're the ones that weigh me down. The ones that don't make it. 
I don't want to flood your timeline with sadness. 
Jan 23rd Hennur Road. rushed him to CUPA, but had to be put down. Injuries too severe.

I don't even take pics of most of them. 
Don't need to. They're etched in my skull.

These are the ones I think of when I drive past that stretch of road.. and wish I had been on my bike that day.. whizzing past the poor wretch on the road..
like most of us riders do.

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