Monday, August 21, 2017

Live Streams thus far

I didn't want to announce this till I was sure I could do this as a long term thing..
now that I know its doable.. here goes -

The Skechfab team invited a small group of Sketchfabbers to stream on their official twitch channel.
And while I had my doubts at first, turns out that I'm able to stream every night of the work week!
So in the last few weeks, I've done around 50 streams..

You can view the archive below(twitch doesnt archive streams indefinitely, hence I mirror broadcast to Youtube and let them sit there for eternity)

to see the full playlist click here 

I stream every night(Mon-Fri) at 1700UTC (10:30pm India)

You can view and chat with me during a stream at

You can also view the stream at the following locations:
(but typically no chat)

Youtube(I might respond to live chat):
Twitch(my channel):

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