Wednesday, January 16, 2008

PSP updates CFW 3.80 M33-2 and 1.50 Kernel add-on

I'd downloaded the latest firmware from team M33 yesterday, but wasn't planning on installing it right away. atleast not until they had 1.5kernel support. coz most of my favourite homebrew need it.

Imagine my surprise :) when i discover that dax has released the 1.50 Kernel add-on already! that was fast!. .. anyway so i updated my psp, before i left for work. but... i left it at home! so now i'l have to wait till after work to upload some screenshots and test all the old plugins and homebrew on it.

for those of you want to upgrade:

heres where you can get the firmware update:
download cfw 3.8 M33

for the above update you'l also need the official 3.80 firmware from sony. get it here:
sony 3.80

for those who are like me and need 1.5kernel support:
download here

you will need the 1.5 firmware file to apply this plugin... it should be available somewhere online..

you can also get the above downloads directly from dax's site

as always, remember to read the instructions or face the consequences.


anonymous said...

alxe writes:

latest is 4 m33 2

chaitanyak said...

heh, thanks, i know, been keeping track. i usually only upgrade once the 1.5 kernal addon is available too,and people have reported that its working fine.