Thursday, January 24, 2008

Zepplin model

built this model last night ..just an idea i had for something larger i'm working on

will post more later

Heres some quick trivia:

the word Zepplin comes from the name of a german guy called Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin who developed rigid airships sometime before WW1. The actual term for rigid airships is "dirigibles" but "Zepplin" just became more popular coz .. well it more fun to say :) .
The zepplins were initially made by the germans for peaceful uses...trans atlantic transport was not yet possible by any other aircraft at the time. however after WW1 started, they ended up being used as scouts and bombers. this made the americans and other countries who had helium(a relatively inert and safe gas) stop selling it to germany. This forced the germans to use hydrogen...which is flammable.

and then they had the hindenberg disaster.. which pretty much put an end to germany's airship plans.

for more on the zepplin read here

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