Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Design with FOSS, week 2

i've been using Gimp2.4 for over a week now, for actual design work at the office/studio..

and have actually found myself not "thinking" of photoshop whenever i had some image editing to do. Anyway this week i decided to try another FOSS(Free Open Source Software) app called Inkscape0.46 . Inkscape is a vector drawing tool like illustrator. Lets see how this goes.

heres the first image i traced in inkscape using its Trace Bitmap feature(same as Illustrator's Live trace and Flash's Trace Bitmap)

surprisingly smooth, i like it :)

update: have upgraded to GIMP 2.6.3
have also installed gimp themes, comes with around 15 of the neat themes you find in here to learn more about it and download it

so my gimp now looks like this:

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ekoprabowo said...

^_^ nice