Friday, February 13, 2009

Assasinating Templar knights

Been playing Assassin's creed (previous post , doodles ) for a few weeks now.. been loving it.
Especially the rooftop "free running" or "Parkour" style mini missions, and escaping after a botched stealth assasination :)

Rescuing people being harrassed by guards, makes you a hero for the locals, and you get 4 local thugs on your side..

they'l stand around in that area, and help you if your being pursued by enemies.
Killing the templar Knights was the most challenging, coz they are heavily armoured, and your throwing knives don't do much damage. still sneaking up to a templar through the crowds is just as much fun.

Of course if you'r up against more than one of could go either way
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