Monday, February 23, 2009

Greatest Indie Pack on Steam

Got myself the "Greatest Indie Pack" from the Steam store. Basically it was the price that made me whip out the money for this pack. see the pic below:

This pack of independant games consists of 5 Games for the price of one(Rs498.95) :yes: !

I had heard of Ifluid, and had been waiting to see it in a pack like this before i baught it... i wasn't too familliar with the others, so i looked em up. Liked what i saw and made the purchase. I started the downloads last night, and so far have got two of them, I-fluid and Trials2.
heres a bit about the games:
I-Fluid is this cool puzzle/platformer where you control a drop of water through various obstacle courses.. it features some decent graphics and excellent physics.

Trials 2 Second Edition is a simulation/puzzler with excellent physics and rag doll dynamics. Basically you control a stuntbiker/dirtbiker... and have to get him through a series of freeakish obstacles. After you get past the horiffic crashes, and splashes, its actually quite a cool game :hat:

not sure if i'm going to install the other 3 games - Eets, Multiwinia and Gravitron2.. seem like they won't be what i look for in a game these days...
only time will tell.

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