Friday, May 29, 2009

Six Suspects - Vikas Swarup

Read this book by Vikas Swarup while on a flight to and from hyderabad a few weeks back. Its pretty good. the story is actually way cooler than Q&A(more widely known as Slumdog Millionaire after the movie's success).

In all fairness it belongs in a separate genre and ths shouldnt really be compared to its predecessor.
The book is a good murder mystery, with ample helpings of indian popular culture thrown in. I found it quite entertaining and well written.Some of the charaters, plots, incidents seem o be based on actual recent news items from india.. like the murder of a female bartender.. and the attrocities against people of indegenous tribes and other minorities, racism/cateism.. blah blah blah.. its all in here.. my only complaint is that my favourite character doesn't get a good ending.

brief summary- a guy gets murdered at a party in his honour.. police find six people there in possession with guns.. the rest of the book is a flashback, that shows us the six parallel storylines, that bring these six characters to that party.. some are there to kill the victim and others are there for other reasons.

i give it a solid 5/6 . :yes:
like i said i'm not too happy with the fate of my favourite character :cry:
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