Monday, July 13, 2009

New developer interview from the Dante's Inferno game

heres some box art from the upcoming game based on Dante's Inferno

heres some info about the game-

the hero- "Inspired by the real Dante Alighieri, but adapted for a new generation and a new medium, the hero of the game is a soldier who defies death and fights for love against impossible odds. The Italian mercenary Dante returns home from the wars to find that his beloved Beatrice has been murdered, and her soul pulled down into Hell by a dark force. He gives chase, and vows to get her back. For weapons, he wields Death's soul-reaping scythe, and commands holy powers of the cross, given to him by Beatrice."
click here for more at the official website

and heres the latest interview of the developers
CAUTION: Very disturbing Imagery for some people.

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