Friday, July 3, 2009

Augmented Reality plugin for Google Sketchup

Found this trial plugin today. it lets me view my old sketchup models in AR !!!
the plugin is called AR-media™ Plugin v1.1 for Google SketchUp™ you can get it here or at
heres some of the stuff i did a while back.. now in AR!!! :cheers:

medievel castle

(original post)

dune buggy

(original post)


(original post)

and some other stuff.. to check how it handles complex or multiple objects

and heres some architectural design plans for a restaurant called Cirrus by my friend KT Thomas at Flip Design Pvt. Ltd.

currently the plugin has a tough time rendering textures.. so i suggest u use only colour fills for now.. also it does have problems with normal maps sometimes.

detailed installation instructions are below in the comments thread >
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