Monday, August 24, 2009

Enabled Homebrew Channel and DVD playback on my Wii !

I saw this article on lifehacker long ago(lifehacker link), but never got round to doing it until now...
I've been using homebrew apps on my psp for years, now i can do the same on my wii too!
Basically i used the Twilight hack, (which requires that you have a copy of Zelda-Twilight Princess)

coz my firmware version was 2.x whereas the newer/easier Bannerbomb exploit will only work on 3.x and higher ...
heres the homebrew channel getting installed-

this channel is where you can install and run other homebrew apps and games..
after that installation, i installed the Homebrew Browser app which les you browse through available homebrew apps and install them directly off of the net!

its a bit like the app managers in ubuntu and other Linux distros these days :)
I used it to install a few small(in terms of file size) apps successfully, but repeated tries to instal MPlayer Christmas edition failed for some reason..

finally managed to instal a different version.. so now i have DVD Playback!! This seems like an obvious out of the box option for a game console , but nintendo excluded it from the wii in order to cut costs(they have to pay for DVD playback codecs and stuff... cheapos!)
Anyway, i got it now, so there..
now am looking at what homebrew apps to instal :idea:

for more on my psp hacking/hombrew adventures click here
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