Friday, August 28, 2009

Exploding skull Mimobot

Yesterday i got an invitation to the latest contest on Its to do with Mimobots those awesome designer usb drives!

so i submitted around 4 designs. the only design criteria is that you can use only 8colours, no gradients, and the template they give you(the teddybear one). their selection process is quite stringent..the in house quality control judges go over the design and decide whether its worthy of being in the contest or not.

so far only one of my designs has made it to voting.. luckily it was my favorite anyway

this is it:

if you like it, please go to this link and vote for it to win!! :wizard:


One more mimobot design is up for voting :)

vote for it here

I've also revised one of the older ones.. will see if it gets through this time..its another bones design.. meantime did another one and sent it in. more on these later
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