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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Machinarium demo!!

Today Steam alerted me to some awesome news! The official demo for the indie game Machinarium is now available for download!! click here for the demo on Steam.
just played it a few minutes back! Basically a robot gets booted out of the city and dumped into a scrapyard... you have to get him back into the city..
heres some of what you see in the demo



its 3 levels of Gorgeous art and clicking awesomeness!! :yikes:

The help and hints system is a new addition since the previous Samorost games by the same team.

The hint system just gives you simple single task hint the screen capture below

while the help system is a whole other ball game!
You have a log book that is locked and can only be opened by playing a mini side scrolling shooter game! :D

the help itself is a set of scribbles that visually spell out what you have to do :lol:

if you've been living under a rock and havnt seen it before, heres the old trailer for the game that launches later this year

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