Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Zune desktop app is cool!

Been using the zune desktop player for a month now :whistle: . Basically coz i hate the way itunes thinks it owns my files :irked: ... anyway, its a light weight player, that doesn't use up too much of the system's memory resources.. and has some visually and functionally interesting features.

these are the 3 features i like best:
it takes the old album art concept (that almost all media players support these days) and makes it so cool! it gets all these band/artist photos and does a nice dynamic slideshow.. with overlay text and all..great for those parties where you play music off of your computer.. and are tired of the old visualisations.

see the video for more of that

its got a nice thing called "mixview" where it displays a mosaic of connections to other artists, albums, and fans - all in relation to the track your listening to currently.

by cicking the little "i" icon you can instantly get loads of Album info, including reviews and stuff

The software doesnt have a lot of the feature we've gotten used to with other players, but then in the month that i've been using it.. i havn't missed em :) and i'm not even a Zune fan! well not until i see it do some serious gaming anyway...
for now i just wait and hope for a version of this app for the windows mobile platform.

meantime if you want to give it a whirl, click here

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